Eleni with borrowed eyes

Eleni with borrowed eyes

A hasty collage with spare parts

6 thoughts on “Eleni with borrowed eyes

    • 🙂

      Your comment reminded me of one of my all time favourite bands:

      Girl, you’re a teaser, what an earth did I just do to deserve a thing like you,
      And there’s love inside the stud farm tonight and while the horses buck and moan I’ve found a place in you called home.
      You don’t know what you’ve done to me,
      With that voice, with those eyes,
      With that smile, with that smell.
      Oh, tonight you’re going nowhere you are lying here with me,
      Tonight you’re skin is warm enough to rid this chill in me,
      So open up your eyes, open up your mouth,
      Let me kiss your forehead now the night has fallen down.
      (oh, I’ve said it fifty times, I’m happy to reside,
      Nesting by your side, I will sleep with you tonight.)

      “Love inside the stud farm” by Hefner, music &lyrics by Darren Hayman

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