Help needed

Help needed

Some months ago I bought a second hand Canon lense 24-105 L f:4 IS. It looked great and worked great. But after some shots I saw that it has a serious problem. I searched the internet and after some time I found that other people also complain about it, but not that many to damage its stats on serious pages and shops. So maybe only few of them had this problem. Many people called it diffusion, others lack of sharpness. They claimed that it was reduced or even solved, by stopping down the lens. I saw small difference when I did use a close aperture and anyway, what’s the use buying a lense with IS and f:4 if you can’t use it at night? By the way it does this thing with all the digital cameras I use, but then again there are times that the sharpness is back !!! In either case I see through it crystal clear, but I get these lousy results.

Anyway, I am posting this photo today, that reveals the problem quite clearly. Any ideas of what it could be, and if it can be fixed by me, would be greatly appreciated.

18 thoughts on “Help needed

    • My thoughts exactly. That is why (apart from money) I was searching for similar cases and solutions via the Internet, before I turn it over to an authorised technician. Thank you anyway!

  1. The sad part is you’re worst photo is still better than my best one. I did get a Sony RX100 which I’m still learning.

    • Jeff, there are bad photos and there are good photos. And then again there are photos with a purpose and photos without one, (or maybe not a right one). But believe me, if I was only doing it for kicks I would have stayed with by old analogue cameras. But work demands sharp lenses, fast responding cameras and quick digital results.

  2. Strange you should see through it okay and yet get a result worse than you see. Is it maybe a software problem in that the camera has not been updated to include this particular lens? Of course stopping down to f/8 or so should help a little too.

    • Bahh, there is always an explanation. Just hope it is not an expensive one! I don’t know about vaseline, but my daughter is doing a pretty similar job with her sticky fingers!

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