This way to winter

This way to winter



Some summer photos, after all it is still like summer here


Summertime and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high
Oh, your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-lookin’
So hush, little baby; don’t you cry

One of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing
And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky
But till that morning, there ain’t nothin’ can harm you
With daddy and mammy standin’ by


Summertime- DuBose Heyward

8 thoughts on “This way to winter

    • I too envy our summer weather, since we have to spend most of our days inside. 😉 A walk with the kids is a heaven for them and also for me! The camera just records the magical world they inhibit!

  1. dude, the middle photo might be one of my favorite of yours yet….I might just print it out and put it on the wall of my office…….isn’t there a market for selling your photos in Greece somewhere to make extra money?

    • Kenneth, who needs money if he gets such compliments! Thank you! Go ahead and print it and if you need a higher resolution let me know. Greece has a bit of a photophobic art market and the crisis didn’t help either. But I never fooled myself, and always had a job with little or nothing to do with photography so I wouldn’t “feed” any delusions of living from photography. On the other hand, it would be a nice break for me to do what I love and get paid for it. But even now, I don’t feel like it. I mean when money change hands relations change, expectations are altered and anyway how do you price a piece of paper or an image on your computer. By the meter, by desire, by the work behind it? All subjective. Beauty should be for free. On the other hand the artist should have a say on the use of his work, and when uploading photos on the internet you lose this right as well. It is a calculated risk, or a sharing action that gives you a pleasure greater than the risks.
      But I can not forgive facebook (and can’t understand the laws that allow it) that in its terms and conditions states that facebook has every right to SELL your facebook IMAGES, DATA, NAME, LKES without your consent and without paying you a dime! Let’s face it. A free datebase of photos. If they have a dollar for every photo on facebook, they would be billionaires! (never mind the personal data and conspiracy theories for a while) So imagine the implications if I see my daughter in a poster commercial for a beer, or a machine gun, or a car or whatever.

    • Thank you Malin! This is my not so secret dream house in the woods by the river scene! I have been visiting it at least 3-4 times each year with my daughters growing.

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