Not exactly fishing

The old man he catches the fish in the morning
He rides the river every day
I sit on the bank and I holler when he passes
“Hey, old man, are they biting today”
I wake up in the morning, thinking ’bout my troubles
I go down to the water and they pass away
And when the old man comes a-floating down the river
“Hey, old man, are they biting today”
Now here we’ve got a thing that keeps on rolling
It ain’t heavy, don’t take it that way
The old man and me, we got a good thing going
He gets his fish and I sit all day
He gets his fish and I sit all day
J.J. Cale – The old man and me

11 thoughts on “Not exactly fishing

    • Hello! Thank you!
      I have been away for some days and thought about opening the comments briefly. It is only time after all, but it is all we have…
      Likes, I don’t know… 😉

      • Hello, you are most welcome, my friend 🙂

        How have you been? I do understand blogging is time consuming …

        Well, if Likes don’t show, then I will just add my likes in the comments. 🙂

        • You are most welcome to comment, but really your contributions for a bigger cause is more valueable because they are universal. And this is not to compliment you!

          • Dear Vassilis,

            Thank you so very much for your generous words and for supporting the cause I devoted my blog to.
            Maybe what you mean is that I mostly concentrate on to our shared struggle, but please believe me,
            your wonderful artistic blog – and everyone’s in our community – are all universal and valuable. : )

            • Bahhh. I am not taking myself seriously with these photos.
              Just a promise and a test of will.
              This is a common space and exchanging kind words is one thing, but since its done publicly I feel ashamed.
              If the screen could react for me it would be red by now!
              Time can be spent on better things, and I do mean Better and with actual value for everybody.
              But I am overstretching it.

              And to give this a lighter touch, as Eddie Izzard said: “I appreciate your applause, but I don’t do it for applause. I do it for cash. ”

              Add a bit of paraphrasing to it and it loses its wit and its meaning all together.
              I guess some serious things are not as funny or as attractive as they should be in order to get the attention they deserve.
              Just sweeping them under the world carpet for the next generation, in exchange of nice, cheap t-shirts that promise to make you sexy, funny and clever…

              • You are a little too modest. I am certain many would agree with my appreciation for your work. Blogging can be an equally enriching experience both for the one adding the content and for the viewers/readers.

                “And to give this a lighter touch, as Eddie Izzard said: “I appreciate your applause, but I don’t do it for applause. I do it for cash.”

                LOL! That is typical of Eddie, God bless his heart.

                I don’t take my blog that seriously either. I am totally unimportant – only the cause is serious. But since it doesn’t make much sense to struggle alone – like a lonely pig trying to run on the ice – I often feel I am heading out of this. Only a real, massive scale radical expression of our resistance against this system could make a difference, whereas the majority is still waving their dreams WITHIN the system. Maybe because they do it for cash after all (?)

                Again, thank you for your supporting words my friend : )

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