This is the new reality

This is the new reality


People, posters and mannequins all mashed up to form a new reality. A new reality that doesn’t smell, doesn’t harm us, thus does not bother us. Of course we can’t be part of this reality, or can we?
There are no aesthetics to be found here, only despair.

Losers, we’re just losers
Exclusive club that we’re in
Losers, we’re just losers
Why don’t losers ever win
Came in this morning to spread the word around
Nobody wants to hear what a loser’s putting down
Losers, we’re just losers
Why don’t losers ever win
Been out a-wanderin’, bad luck all around
Can’t you help a loser get up off the ground

J.J. Cale – Losers

2 thoughts on “This is the new reality

    • I am against photo-journalism and the “artistic” side of it. They used to be informative and well intended, especially the humanitarian photographers from the mid 20ies until the late 60ies. But at the same time they changed peoples perception of the world (which is mostly a brain function and mind image) by providing ready images. From then on it was a downward spiral with photos getting more provocative and depicting brutality. The brain got so used to them that they don’t even shock anymore. But my summer job, going around places, was so full of such events (not images) that I had nothing to photograph. Athens becomes such a place little by little. I am not photographing harsh situations and if they appear sometimes by accident I just avoid showing them. I am really sorry.

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