This is not goodbye

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It is just saying I am sorry for not having the time to enjoy your wonderful posts as regularly as I would like.

I will still post once a day, because I have made a promise to myself and to a friend to do so for a year. This promise I will not break. By removing the likes button (still working on the comments one) in a way brings back a balance I should have thought right from the start. After all I was never after likes. I just thought that the function of likes was different. By liking a post, I simply say  (or being told) to the other person, I like your post, your effort, carry on! By following a blog, most of the times, it means I agree and I want to start a dialogue with you. And the comments were just for further dialogue and encouragement. But these buttons were never and should never be pressed in order to lure others to watch your posts, to like them, to follow you. This is just silly, simply because it is trivial to see your stats grow, but actually nobody devoting the necessary time to enjoy and understand your work. And at the same time you are depriving people from the only precious thing they own : time.

Of course people coming for the first time here, will not have the chance to reveal themselves, to start a dialogue, (another use of the like button)  but I promise that as soon as I have more time, I will reinstal the like button.

I have kept a list of the blogs I follow and I will be receiving notifications when they have new posts. But I can’t promise to watch, comment or like. Thank you for understanding. Thank you Jeff,  Malin H, Lia in Brussels, Elephant, Fotostream, Skywanderer, lostfunzone and everybody else.

This post is a wink to Karen, that reminded me of these old photos of swans leaving for warmer places.