For the things that are most important

For the things that are most important


I am taking a step back. This means that I will try to  keep posting photos, until mid February, but I will stop following, replying, commenting, watching and liking and I will even try to disable the likes and comments section. Othrewise it would be unfair to all of you and I will still feel bad. I am trying to figure out why this otherwise beautiful medium has become so time consuming and I will be more casual. I am sorry for this, but life in front of a screen is not life. If you wish to email me, please do so here: I really like many of you people and I will try to keep in touch.

9 thoughts on “For the things that are most important

  1. I am very sorry to read your ‘good-bye’ post, but I do understand, my friend.

    I take this opportunity to send you my heartfelt thanks for all your likes and comments on my site. I do apologise that I didn’t visit your blog as much as it would duly deserve – it was so because I was – am – overwhelmed, too.
    (The way I see it, this neoliberal atomised society has pushed me in front of the screen to fight against it.)

    Wishing you the very best and hoping still to stay in touch,

  2. Oh my, I will be sad to know you are no longer “out there!” I think everyday about stopping all this. There is something nice about it and something wrong with it. I am only going to post daily until the end of the year (if I make it!). I too must move on to other things, but I will keep my toe in and at least come back to visit and post occasionally. I hope you will change your mind and visit from time to time (entirely without the pressure to like and comment). I wish you well in all you do. You have been very kind to me and I will remember you. Thank you for many thought provoking exchanges and posts and your lovely photographs.

    I am sad to see you go, but I understand and I think it happens to us all eventually.
    My very best wishes and sincere thanks,

  3. Vassilis, Your support and solidarity have been a constant encouragement. Your photos bring much needed color to a black and white world. Take care and keep in touch.

  4. Best wishes to you….really enjoy all the work you’ve put into your blog…….I totally understand where your coming from (I read the swan post as well) it is an amazing amount of time that goes into doing a daily blog; between taking photos, loading them to your pc, editing, than writing a few words, then responding to comments…..whew! It’s a ton of work……BUT it can be a labor of love and that’s what keeps us going….but even better yet if we could receive monetary compensation for all our efforts, no?

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