Favorite music bands & artists #1- Elbow

Favorite music bands & artists #1- Elbow


From the early 90ies that I begun working, I was able to buy and follow the music at the time of the release. The british scene was beginning to give the first signs of the “brit pop”. I ignored Oasis and Blur and went straight ahead for Radiohead. And then at the end of the decade another group started recording an album, that upon its release in 2001, captured my attention. It was Elbow’s-Asleep in the back. The sound was so mature and exquisite, that when I heard that they are coming in Greece for a headline appearance at a small open air festival at Laurio, I was surprised and asked a friend to get me inside. It turns out that the festival was not such a huge sucess and when I arrived the security didn’t ask for a ticket. I just went in. I was in front of the stage, listening carefully and taking photos on a b&w film, while everyone behind me was talking and not paying too much attention. One of the few bands that I still follow.