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The most beautiful music store in Athens. Hands down.

When I was a bit younger, mid 90ies, I went to live downtown Athens. About the same time, one little record store opened in a nearby place, at 34 Didotou street. Apart from bringing the records I used to listen, it was a fine place to hung around, since it was stylish, had very kind and yet humourous people helping you to find whatever you were looking for (and sometimes discuss with you about the meaning of life), you could listen to the records you intented to buy, had live gigs (Yuria), had an internet radio station  and last but not least it had its own record label (pop art) that issued some of the most forward thinking music in Greece.
It is still there, doing pretty much the same beautiful things and adorning Athens with its presence. I have mentioned it in 1-2 of my posts and it was time to deliver a post dedicated solely to it.
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