An armchair trip to London and Oxford by Vassilis D. Gonis/FoZ

As promised, I got some time off to prepare a proper little celebratory slideshow/video, for the 200th post. It took me longer  than I thought due to lack of time (still a long way to find time for everything) but at least it is here!

From my visit in the UK in 2004, during the Olympic games in Athens.

Five of the photos contained,  were also used for my previous celebratory slideshow/video, but they were too good to leave out!

I have to thank my friends Vicky and Antonis and my brother, for this trip. Although they were not there at the time, I was invited to stay at their places. The trip wouldn’t have been possible without them.

The music is an edit (sorry for the clicks, new to audacity) of an old track I recorded when I got my electric guitar.

Hope you enjoy!