Scorpions at Lycabettus theater, Athens, Greece, September 2013

Scorpions at Lycabetus theater, Athens, Greece

Scorpions were here in Greece for three dates, unplugged. The first two (11&12 September) were actually recorded for Mtv unplugged, with all the audience sitting. The last one (14 September)  with the crowd free to express itself was by far the best, in my opinion.

25 thoughts on “Scorpions at Lycabettus theater, Athens, Greece, September 2013

  1. okay so forgive me for this probably stupid question…..from where you took the photo could you hear their set well??

    at one of the huge outdoor arenas we have here, there are parts outside that you can look through from the outside and hear just as well as if you were a paying customer…..

    and if you’re a big fan of the Scorpions I’m not going to EVEN tell you what the last few concerts I saw cuz they would be WAY too ‘light’ or ‘pop’ for ya! Scorpions are pretty hard rock from what i know of em…..

    • No, not stupid at all! The photo is from a wide range 17mm lense, in order to include as much of the surroundings as possible. The actual distance was much smaller. The human eye usually sees objects at the size a 50-58mm lense usually sees them and has a range of 30-35 mm (with both eyes we see almost like the photo, but as range not as size)
      So in fact we were quite close (I will post some photos in the future, or you can check the flickr blog photos on the right)
      I estimate that we only get 60-65% of the frequences , so no matter how loud you listen to it, you miss the strings and high frequences. So if you are a true lover of the music and can afford it, it surely makes a big difference being inside. And that is why they do not take any drastic measures to stop people from watching from outside.
      And as you may have noticed if you’ve listened to the In trance song in the video sample, they have played an acoustic version for Mtv unplugged, so really not heavy at all. However, I would rather listen to the electric versions. By the way my favourite musicians are Mark Knopfler (Dire straits composer, guitarist etc), Stuart Murdoch (Belle and Sebastian, God help the girl) and Darren Hayman (Hefner, The French). I enjoy listening to all kinds of music from classical to heavy metal, but I do draw the line when it comes to some kinds of music, that I don’t concider music. But this is another post, another time!

      • Just watched the video, very cool dude, seemed like it was a pretty awesome night.

        Yea, my favorite bands/singers are just a tad different 😉

        1) Nirvana (hands down my favorite)
        2) Bob Marley (Ive loved him since as long as I cn remember)
        3) the beach boys (yea I know I know….but I was born here in the U.S.)
        4) the Beatles
        5) nine inch nails

        A pretty disjointed list isn’t it!

        • The Beatles is no contest I guess. You either love them or hate them, but always respect them . I love their music. Have all their records and then some.

          Nine inch nails is a bit too industrial for my taste although I have the downward spiral, and Reznor is a fine composer.

          The beach boys are the US reply to the Beatles and I have at least 15-20 of their albums. Pet sounds is really incredible! By the way, the most accomplished solo album of any Beach boy member is Pacific Ocean Blues by the late Dennis Wilson. If you haven’t heard of it, give it a try. The gloomy side of the beach boys.

          Bob Marley is such a unique artist that I have never heard a bad word for him. I have many of his records, my favorite being Exodus.

          Nirvana is the one that even though I have 3-4 records and some singles, I can claim that I really dislike. I know that I should like them, in 1991 they were all over (TV, radio, magazines) and I was at the right age-16, but they never did the trick for me. I never liked his voice, and I thought too much noise. I guess at the same time I was more into Iron Maiden and Dire straits. I also like Pixies, so it must be the hype of Nirvana that I didn’t like, as well.

          But when it comes to music it is only taste. I used to listen to so much music and I really miss it some times now with the kids. I guess my next blog could have been a music blog, with photos, covers, info etc, but Greece is too far away from the center of music, small population and geographically remote so artists avoid coming for a concert and people from USA and UK are doing a splendid job already!

          By the way, I concidered that everybody likes Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, and other well known musicians, and that is why I haven’t include them in my list. But really you got me in the mood for a post to this direction! 😉

          • Okay, so if u were 16 in 91 then u are two years older than me and one of my closest friends who’s also a couple years older than me loves Iron Maiden and Dire….both of which I can’t stand! Ha ha….I dunno dude, for me Kurt Cobain spoke to me…I read his entire journal published after he died, he grew up in a going nowhere u.s. suburban/urban town just like me and everything he wrestled with philosophically were the same things I struggled with…..

            Obviously I love the Pixies.
            Recently I’ve gotten into a lot of newer bands (oh the horror!) like the Arctic Monkees and the Libertines (both are out of London I think) I’m also really nerdy and love indie female vocalists like Kate Nash…Nash sang at a little venue a few blocks from my house last fall and I was in the front row and loved every minute of it…I was surrounded by lesbians ha ha, I didn’t even realize she had a huge lesbian following

            So I totally don’t get what you mean “I really miss it some times now with the kids”….do u mean u miss going to concerts or u just don’t listen to music at home either? Cuz I hardly ever go to concerts (cuz of my kids lol) but I have music playing at my house almost 24/7, in the summer it’s almost exclusively bob marley with a little 90s pop and beach boys thrown in, my girls practically know every single bob marley song by heart lol

            Now thats it’s autumn my play list moves back to more of my punk stuff, but since my daughters are 12 and 10 I also let them play their current pop music too… much as I don’t care for most modern pop I feel like they should be allowed to connect with it since it is the music of their generation…..I don’t want to be one of those parents who complain that all modern music sucks and the only good music is from when I was a kid……

            Also, you’ll probably hate me for saying this but while I don’t hate Jimi and Pink Floyd….I hardly ever listen to them, they aren’t even in my top thirty…..I’m way more into the stones, Elton John, and led Zeppelin (zeppelin only if I’m in the mood)

            Here in Detroit where I live is where Eminem is from, I used to live a dozen or so houses down the street from him, and so eminem is also big in my house along with the white stripes (jack and meg also used to live not that far me)

            I don’t know what Greece is like or the city your in is like, but here in Detroit the indie music scene is massive, every night of the year (365 days) there are always a minimum of thirty – fifty different places u can go to see live bands and singers……before wife and kids and all I used to spend half my time going to free venues and what not listening to music……actually today my 10 year old and I went downtown to hear an indie band perform at an outdoor stage setup downtown, I thought she was gonna walk off with her mom (my wife) but she ended up staying with me for their entire set, I was impressed

            • My wife is a fan of Nirvana, both music and philosophy. So I am well aware of the impact he had on people. I guess I have stopped looking for answers or attaching a revolutionary (changing life) meaning to songs and music. Many reasons. So when I listen to music, I usually do not know or take into concideration any of the stories about the band and the musicians. It is just about the music. So it is all about taste.

              Arctic Monkeys and before them the Libertines were known in Greece, but since I have stopped following Arctic Monkeys (and their side projects, such as Last shadow puppets) since the crisis begun, I don’t know their recent work at all. Some things, I believe, are an American thing only, like Kate Nash, rarely heard in Greece, and then mainly because some people search the Internet (I found out about her from one of your posts!)

              About the music at home, we have music all the time, but since our language is Greek, and the kids are way younger than yours (6 and 2) they don’t understand English and they prefer Greek songs and usually songs for kids. I try to introduce them to the music I like but the language barrier is a big problem. Radio does the trick sometimes. The other day the older one told me while we were listening to it, how much she likes Born to run!

              Of course the other problem is that being a small country, the musicians and their output are rather small and hard to find. Of course you have the “massive” pop stars, but I can’t stand their lyrics or music. There is good music to be found, but usually you have to look hard and time is scarce.

              I like all the bands (Stones, Zeppelin) and musician (Elton John) you mention, although their last 30 years output is rather weak. One of the latest bands I enjoyed was Arcade fire.

              Eminem and this kind of music are not that big in Greece. However, Rage against the machine, that mixed rap, good lyrics and guitar riffing were huge. The White Stripes were an instant hit, as well. Their Elephant album really got them places. I like Jacks attitude and man, is he prolific! So many records in so little time. And having his own label and respecting vinyl (I prefer it as well) and having all these special editions and all, selling his records directly, is the way of the future. (Radiohead, another favourite, do the same thing) A couple of months ago I saw “it might get loud’ and Jimmy Page and The Edge were outshone!

              The music scene in Greece is active, but the music education is entirely private and this is a problem. The other problem being the special balance you need to find in order to do what you like and still connect to a critical mass of people. Athens is vast, 5-6 million people living in a 30-40km diameter. There is always someone playing, even during the week days, but it might be too far to get there. The last time I took my older one to a concert was at Lycabettus theater to see Zaz, a couple of weeks ago. She fell asleep after 1 hour!

              • ” The last time I took my older one to a concert was at Lycabettus theater to see Zaz, a couple of weeks ago”

                ha ha that sounds like when I took my kids to see the indie chick Jewel a few years ago…..

                i totally understand what your getting at via the language barrier and your kids….I listen to a lot of Latin music and my children have only begun Spanish classes this semester so when I play it in the car they don’t connect with it at all the same way as if I play someone who is singing in english. I also love a lot of non-english musicans like Ina Kamoozie (africa i think?) angelique kidjo (france?) and my kids just give me blank stares when I play it……

                and heres a last thing on my ignorance, your grammar and english is so good (its as good as mine) so I ignorantly thought ‘huh, maybe Greece teaches english in school now-a-days or something’ and i assumed your children spoke english also

                • Jewel! After her first album (15 years ago, was it?), that even Neil Young praised, I completely lost her. Is she still fresh and good?
                  Zaz was actually fun to listen.
                  Both daughters like to sing along with the songs. They usually like the new english hits playing on the radio while in the car, (Kasabian, Killers, Interpol, etc) and I have heard them trying to repeat the words, phonetically. I am amazed, but when it comes to learning properly how to speak, they give me the slip. I must be doing something wrong. 😉 Or maybe they are too young.

                  They are bound to be taught English at school, but usually we did private lessons in order to learn. Being a small country and speaking a difficult language that only 20 million people in the world can understand, can easily explain why we learn english and other languages.

                  By the way, I like your new post about music!

                  • Jewel’s next couple albums were more ‘pop’ and she lost a lot of fans, then she married a dude who rides Bull’s at rodeo’s and now she talks with a country twang and only sings country music……I still like her first couple albums and thats why we went to see her…..i got to sit in the second row so that was nice 🙂

                    Okay… all this music talk is making me want to fly to greece and go to a concert with ya!

                    damn expensive plane tickets!

                    • You can start saving, for next summer (s). If we are still around!

                      Didn’t know that about Jewel. Pity. I guess she tried that Shania Twain thing and didn’t work out.
                      I like some country music, mainly due to Knopfler fiddling with it. But this country-pop mix is a bit too strange for my ears (and for most Greeks I should add).

    • It is! 😉 I have been going there the last 20 years to watch concerts, but it is always the view that arrest my attention! For the first time I went up there with a digital full frame camera and it really paid off!

    • Yeah, what can I say. I do enjoy going up there for the view and for old time shake. I used to listen to them when I was young, and they have produced some fine songs. Alas, it was unplugged. After their farewell tour a couple of years ago, this came as no surprise. Everybody does farewell tours, until the next time! Just an excuse for a good photo session! (They did a fantastic redition of their song When you came into my life. I couldn’t believe it!)

          • When they are singing. You can’t tell. Lyrics are also fairly well written in a way that you can’t tell. You know how if I am not Greek I tried to write a song in Greek and the choices of words are sometimes weird? That didn’t happen with their songs, that I can remember. I heard klaus talk once I can’t remember it much though, but I can assume when he talks normal is more obvious.

            • OK, thank you for this observation. His speaking accent is terrible, by the way. I know that they are one of the few bands to cross the 100 million record sales mark, and that means that they must have been a hit in the USA, (being the biggest music market in the world back in the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies,- they had several Platinum records from 1979 until 1990) but in the UK their only record to go SILVER!!!! was Crazy world in 1990 (I guess due to the inclusion of Wind of change). So I figured it had something to do with their accent.

              • Good singers covers their accent when singing I guess! Even john lennon sounds a lot more “English ” when he speaks but sounds like anyone else when he sings 😀

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    • I had also uploaded a video on youtube, with this view. There are several videos on youtube from those 3 nights, but for some strange reason they have chosen to ban mine, which barely shows the band and has very poor sound… Just wondering why.

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