First day at school

First day at school

May you always be as happy, until you graduate.

Things in our education system are going from bad to worse. The government thinks that education can do with less and the already small budget, (less than 2% GNP for the whole education and probably the lowest in EU-so much for the future…) has shrunk more. They believe that by stirring the muddy waters, naming them educational reform, they will confuse the parents. But enough is enough. Teachers can no longer do their job, due to severe pay cuts, more hours at school, and the fear of moving away from home or not having a job next year. And this means that any extra effort and work on their behalf, that was actually keeping the schools going, will vanish. Then it is the schools. Less money means less facilities, inability to hire people for maintenence or even cleaners.
Original plans for “all-day-schools” (meaning until 4 pm, when parents are coming home from work) seem to have failed before they begun. And the books! Many schools don’t have books to give to the students!
Let’s see what is going to happen in the first couple of weeks, and I will be back with more news.
For the time being:

“A happy new school year”

13 thoughts on “First day at school

  1. I often wonder how much of school is even ‘worth it’ for the children. So much of the school day seems so disconnected from real life skills……obviously I can only speak for the U.S., Canada, and Costa Rica (those are the only three countries that I have intimate knowledge about the school systems)

    take math for instance, schools spend so many hours teaching kids arithmetic and for what? So they can forget most of it by the time they graduate…….

    school is so weird.

    • Spot on, for Greece as well. Of course different needs for different countries, but the model seems to be quite the same. If the parents don’t or can’t help their children to evolve and learn, with the aid of the teachers, school would be merely a concentration camp. A place to keep children while at work.

  2. May you always be as happy, until you graduate. That is true.

    For here, I like how this school doesn’t have enough money to buy books, and that school 30 minutes away is putting in a brand new sprinkler system to keep their grass green.

  3. May she be that happy until even the end of the school year. Since you mentioned that you don’t watch the news much I thought I would share this…

    At least teachers in Greece are getting up and standing up for their rights. In America, there’s a small groundswell, actually more like a ripple, against the education reform movement that is being reinforced by austerity.

    • Hope the next generation is not harmed by it. But ssince this is the basis of life for every man, I am afraid for the worst. They are building a situation much like the years before the great wars.

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