The first gloomy weekend of Autumn.

The first cool Sunday of Autumn.






No leaves are falling yet in Greece, these are from last January,  but figured I should go with the season.

Still  indian summer for us.

I was reminded for the upcoming winter  by a post of Karen. See her wonderful photos here:

6 thoughts on “The first gloomy weekend of Autumn.

    • It is all in the mind, alright. 😉 It was cloudy yesterday, and a bit chilly during the night, but yes, still summer. I remember, when I joined the army, (sorry for the story, I know army stories are boring) it was late September but it had already snowed on the near by mountains. Yet, due to the army regulations we were not allowed to un-roll our sleeves, until late October. It is all in the mind…

  1. Some of those leaves look like winter butterflies. I guess it is all in the mind… : )

    We’ve had some gloomy weather, too, but there will be more summer this week , it seems.
    Thanks very much for linking to my post, Vassilis.

    • Here in Greece September is kind of an extention of summer. Many open concerts, people going to the sea but there is a certain amount of sadness, probably because school begins, because people go back to work if there is a work to be found. I don’t know really. I guess that I am not good in analyzing any of it anymore. Things have changed so much that I don’t know where I stand.
      No need to thank, your posts are an oasis. Hope more people can get to them.

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