A small tribute to Captain Beefheart (check youtube for his song of the same name as this post) and a wink το the friend who first saw these photos.

6 thoughts on “Electricity

  1. Maybe our “Socialist” former Prime Minister George Papandreou should read this article, Jeff. And the PASOK (his political party) members and voters. And of course the whole world to understand what is coming. Because it is not about Greece. Greece is the experiment, the example.
    Troika has come in order to save Greece. Now how can selling out the assets is going to help Greece is beyond me. The article-link you suggest says it better that I ever could, so I have posted it in facebook as well.
    The secret that is not being told, however, is that everything was planned at least 20 years ago. Every little thing that the PASOK/New Democracy governments have been doing was leading up to this.
    1.Borrowing money at crazy interest rates, with no reason
    2.voting for laws that bankrupted pension funds, by buying stocks at the dead stock market of 1999
    3.Not voting against the EU decisions for agricultural production limits and instead getting money to shut up. We are paying them back with interest now.
    4.Not going after big companies like Siemens and the huge scandals they were involved
    5.Olympic games and the construction companies that got the works without offers.
    6.Some “monopolies”, like electricity company, water company, some banks etc, were in fact labelled that way, although they were in fact public companies that serve the people, at low cost but good service. All the laws and directives from the EU were against such “monopolies” while turning the blind eye for the real ones. Now they are trying to sell them out for a fraction of the value of their assets and we know that the prices will only skyrocket, because simply the new owners want to make more money.

    • Thank you Karen. These were some of the first photos from a 365 project (the day subject was electricity), that has become this very blog. I just go back and fish them out. So many photos, so little time to even go over them.

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence Katie! (You vote I feel confident!) Not a drop yet, but playfully chilly weather and welcome cool tempratures. School begin in a couple of days, it would be too much of a temptation for the kids to smell like summer outside!

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