Lycabettus hill a long time ago

Lycabetus hill a long time ago

Nothing’s changed, the rocks are forever, only the way we see them (and some times a load of TNT)

6 thoughts on “Lycabettus hill a long time ago

    • If you have been drinking in the closed bar, it is highly unlike to think of going up there to continue! (By the way there are all night bars, if you can afford them) But since is cheaper to buy liquer from a super market you might as well buy some and go up there to drink it! Of course there is the question of getting down, loaded and all, but surely it will be fantastic until that time. 😉

    • I like and prefer it as well, even though the other peak is higher and the view wider, including Acropolis and the sea at the distance. The other peak also has a cafe-restaurant, a chappel and a paved road and there also used to be a teleferic going up. More about the other peak on a future post.

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