Athens, Greece



Now this is the post for today. The title and first photo are clues to the question:” Which movie comes to mind?” (well, at least my mind) This is from Lycabettus hill, Athens, Greece and the artist playing underneath is Zaz. And before her, a fine Greek singer called Marietta Fafouti.Check her out!

15 thoughts on “Athens, Greece

    • Thank you Karen! A bit of history: The theater resembles the shell shaped ancient ones and was designed in the 1960ies, although the original plans for 5000 seats were changed for a smaller steel work one of 3000 capacity, later on. It is one of the most popular outdoor theaters and for good reason. It is one of the highest points in Athens, and it is located right in the center of Athens. It actually covers a “wound” in the landscape from an old quarry. And the etymology: The place were wolves(λύκος) walk.

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