Back from work

Back from work

Is there any joy left?

Happy Fall. And safe landing.

Just realised that apart from being the 1st of September, this is also the 200th post.  No celebrations of course.

10 thoughts on “Back from work

  1. 200 posts! It isn’t easy. Thank you for posting – I caught many of the 200 and I enjoyed them. I guess fall begins to happen for many at this point, but I have some summer yet to go. Onward!
    Hi Ho,

  2. For years and years every Sunday night i would start getting sick, my stomach would be upset….and I always knew it was because I didn’t want to go to work the following morning…..after dealing with that shit for a long time, i finally dropped a couple clients that I really didn’t like working for, and although it was a loss of income; the sunday night sickness disappeared almost immediately.

    I still get headaches and nausea from work on a less frequent basis….but hopefully i’m only a couple years away from my goal of moving to the Caribbean 🙂

    awesome picture btw

    • Here in Greece you are sick if you have a job (500 Euros a month is hardly a decent paycheck) and you are sick if you don’t have one, since the taxes are keep coming at an astounding speed and regularity. I wish I could drop all of our politicians, but it is not only up to me.
      But I have my kids to cheer me up and give me hope. Hope our politicians do not tax me for having them. Wait, they have already done that! (It is true, they tax people with children the same way they tax people with no children)
      Thank you! 😉

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