Speeding off summer



at Naxos island some million seconds ago

7 thoughts on “Speeding off summer

  1. Both of the pics are excellent…….ya know i’ve never said but I love the header pic of the woman (wife/girlfriend?) looking out over the football field or as we here in the U.S. call soccer……my kids and I play every night after dinner for a couple hours, we’ve become something of soccer junkies.

    • Thank you!One of my favourite photos of my (always) girlfriend and now wife as well. From a time that things were a bit less bleak. Panathinaikos FC stadium close to our house (at that moment) in the center of Athens. I was a serious fan of soccer until the late 80ies. I used to both play, listen to the radio and visit stadiums to see the game. The hooliganism and bad games seriously affected my interest. Finally I gave up and started playing basketball and then I didn’t have time for it either. I must say that I can’t watch any games now, I find them quite boring but I would certainly play if I am invited. So if we ever meet we will certainly play some soccer. 🙂

  2. soccer….boring???? NEVER!!! Ha ha, i can see why people think watching a game can be boring…..cause i thought that most of my life…but now at 36, i like the pace of the game. I don’t watch a ton of television but I enjoy watching a good soccer match cause i don’t have to be completely glued to the tv; and I like to interact with other people so soccer is good for that.

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