The roadworks of forever

The roadworks of forever

With many thanks to Paulos

15 thoughts on “The roadworks of forever

    • Thank you. The story of the road though, is rather depressing. Started after a terrible accident that claimed many children’s lives, some ten years ago, many years passed on the making, at least 3 times inaugurated by politicians and of course never finished. And now stopped once again due to lack of funds. And of course it is the private company that is asking for more money.

      • That is terrible Vassilis. It’s amazing how politicians are the same wherever you go. Forgotten promises and unfinished policies. MNC’s are also ruling the world. I pray that it gets resolve so no more lives are taken.

          • Patience I believe and not resorting to quick fix solutions. They seem to be only concerned about being elected rather than doing something for the nation. Perhaps because they do not have a technical background knowledge? Public servants following votes rather than experts with professional solutions. I think the whole economic system is corrupt 😦

            • The whole way of thinking is corrupt. Free economy run by people tends to corrupt them by the easiness to monetarise all the values, even the sacred ones, like human life and freedom. So the system must change and all these politicians should depart. Now the problem is how to change a whole system that have been feeding them for decades. And to persuade the voters that it will not be the end of the world to try something different. But they will make it very hard for all of us, that is true.

              • I find it very interesting that I have been having the same sort of conversations with alot of my peers about this condition. I think there is becoming an increasing awareness in the world of this flawed system, imploding on itself. A global consciousness of how things are and the devaluing of people into figures $. A clear example I have just learned here is that our medicare in australia (free) has a bonus monetary incentive on how many patients a general practitioner sees in a day. Lives become $. Some doctors then aim to see 4 patients in one hour to hit a bonus quota.

                Unemployment here in Australia is seen as low although a person who gets employed by an agency to work for a day is registered statistically as being full time employed for 18 months! Political strategy to smoke screen the reality of things.

                I think there is hope in this increasing awareness of issues although I fear the tension and frustration of the global populace may lead to more anger and riots. Perhaps this restart is needed for an alternative system, one of a collective growth and compassion rather than an individualist egocentric focus on money and materialism. The internet is the greatest tool we have for a global voice 🙂

                • So true. The same thing happens here in Greece with the unemployment agency. One day at work (even part time) and you are off the unemployment list! But 1.6 million people can even get this for the last 3 years. And most of the doctors instead of providing their knowledge for free, have forced the government to give them the afternoons at the public hospitals for paid practicioning!
                  The internet used to be the great hope, but in reality it is time and how we spend it that will make the big difference. The “democratic” process and laws that most countries have, are in fact a way to protect the system from any change. And this is what we should find, a way to make the change in a peaceful way. But they can provoke and pass the blame as we have seen recently in the whole Middle East area.

                  • I really do hope this changes. I was shocked of the story of the father that committed suicide in Greece because he did not want to burden his children of his wellbeing. To let people get to this point is not acceptable.

                    The Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project by Jacque Fresco are good indicators of a desire for global change. Recently I have been thinking about what skill do I have or can acquire to help out if all goes to hell. Pessimistic view but I cant help but think this is the direction we are heading.

                    • I shall definitely be checking the website out and look forward to more discussions on these issues. A documentary on internet privacy has just come out called “Terms and Conditions May Apply” which may interest you. The panopticon in our society is becoming incredibly powerful.

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