Last days of summer

Last days of summer

At Stylida, Greece

8 thoughts on “Last days of summer

      • I think that it is caused by the fact that you used the lens with full aperture.
        Please try it by the following setting at the next time.
        ISO : 3200 or 1600
        aperture : f/5.6
        program: aperture priority

        • Thanks for your tip! I know the problem with the aperture, and even though this is not the best case it rarely helps on other occassions.
          This lens Canon 24-105mm 1:4 L IS USM has been troubling me from day one. Not sharp at all, even at f/8 and some difusion that gives the impression I have a soft focus, especially on sunny days. Funny (or tragic) thing is that with the stabilizer on the results are even worse. Unfortunately the photo above was taken during a surprise trip with no tripod, the camera hand held and the light conditions were not helping either for a proper aperture or for a lower ISO. I have looked for it in the internet and many people have similar problems, so I wonder if it is just my lens or a general problem. Next time I will take my faithful 50mm 1.8.

          • I’m very sorry to hear it. I did not know that there was such a problem with that lens.
            The evaluation of a picture which was taken by holdings photography is not possible at all despite of 45mm zoom range. I was surprised because ISO speed was set highly, but understood a reason why.

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