Saying goodbye to good friends

Saying goodbye to good friends

Last month a friend blogger, Eldin, decided to close his account. I was very sorry he did, because he was a genuine contact and human being, with interesting views about life and art, and life as art. He was a painter, poet and cinematographer. Unfortunately he took down his blog when he left.
I only wish him all the best.

Yesterday I read about another friend blogger that decided to end his run (although not definitely) with blogging. He is a witty guy, and his post were sometimes humorous, sometime serious and sometimes both. They were never boring and they sure came from a human being and not a computer program piecing words together to make artful yet meaningless texts that other programs tend to like by pressing the LIKE button.
Here is his blog, you should visit it:
His playful nature might not leave him to end this blog, but just in case he is seriously thinking of it, a boost of a couple of million likes directed from my blog, will bring him to his senses.
If he is leaving, I can only wish him good luck.
If this is not goodbye I am wasting my time.