Saying goodbye to good friends

Saying goodbye to good friends

Last month a friend blogger, Eldin, decided to close his account. I was very sorry he did, because he was a genuine contact and human being, with interesting views about life and art, and life as art. He was a painter, poet and cinematographer. Unfortunately he took down his blog when he left.
I only wish him all the best.

Yesterday I read about another friend blogger that decided to end his run (although not definitely) with blogging. He is a witty guy, and his post were sometimes humorous, sometime serious and sometimes both. They were never boring and they sure came from a human being and not a computer program piecing words together to make artful yet meaningless texts that other programs tend to like by pressing the LIKE button.
Here is his blog, you should visit it:
His playful nature might not leave him to end this blog, but just in case he is seriously thinking of it, a boost of a couple of million likes directed from my blog, will bring him to his senses.
If he is leaving, I can only wish him good luck.
If this is not goodbye I am wasting my time.

18 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to good friends

    • Thank you!
      I really miss the blogs that are deleted. So many good things on, that originally made me follow, and suddenly everything is away, like a library burnt and gone forever. The announcement of a blogger leaving the sphere, is not a bad thing. I have concidered doing it over 100 times. It is so time consuming and usually you steal this time from other things, more alive, more urgent, more important, hoping that somehow they will became all these things. I must say that I get much more out of reading posts, than posting my own things. On the other hand, if I was to leave I would probably leave everything.
      Bit mood spoiler, but it is not touching or even funny having two kids crying and yelling in the subway! And especially when their logical part has been disconnected. But they are almost perfect so I allow them to make such scenes and I take advantage by photographing them. 😉

      • I understand what you mean. I follow a very few blogs that means much to me, I don’t follow just for following, I follow because I’m interested in others work and thoughts.

        Okey, In understand… Not easy to have two kids crying 😉

        Wish you a nice day. 🙂

  1. Yeah, I love the way she is mirroring your feelings, Vassili! I was hoping she was crying over a hugely important issue like ‘I don’t want to go back home’ or ‘Can I get one more -…..- mommy?’ and not about the frog pond friend! Your reply to Jeff put me back at ease 😉

    • OK, you got me. She was tired and her exact words were:” I don’t want to go home on foot, can I get a lift from mommy?” But mommy was off to work and not back for at least 2 hours, so we couldn’t wait in the station that long. And she was crying… 😉

  2. First off awesome pic 🙂

    secondly…..sad about the bloggers. I’ve known a couple who quit as well. I get attached to a particular writer and it is sad when they decide to stop.

    • Thank you! Their leaving makes me think as well about the time-use here in the blogsphere. Time to create, live with our family, see friends, work (yes part of life, even when you don’t have one). Sharing is one of my last options and choices, but a promise I gave to a friend, gives me the drive to keep on for at least 6 months more. And of course, there are some people and posts worth the time spent. But still, it is a tough choice.

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