I’ve been there

I've been there

vg b562 bw 02 st 2006 eleonas

Beautiful, old buildings hidden near the center of Athens

5 thoughts on “I’ve been there

    • It is at the district known as Eleonas. A place that was perticularly alive years ago, full of small factories and truck’s terminals. Now only a few terminals are left. The district was “chosen” to become the home of the new Panathinaikos (soccer team) stadium, but up until now nothing has started, due to legal problems. Of course most of the terminals moved further away to Aspropirgos and the old factories closed down. Still a beautiful place, especially on Sundays where everything is closed and only a few people walk by!

      • Ok, placed it on map now! It’s so eerily beautiful and yet so close to the centre. I hope to catch a closer look when I’m next in Athens, before they solve their legal problems and destroy it completely, that is…

        • It is all about relativity. Now how you can relate time and economics it is a complex thing. The old saying:” time is money”, no longer applies for the Greeks. Money is money and time is time. If you have money you also have time if you don’t have money you work like crazy and you are left with no time or money.
          Anyway, the monetary interests for that district are in war and when it is over the district will change overnight. But not any time soon, except if they have a way to sell it (fast track) or confiscate it for debts.
          Let me know when you are in Athens and I might have the time for a new visit in the area!

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