There used to be a real living neighbourhood

There used to be a real living neighbourhood

Now they have become buildings waiting to be demolished

4 thoughts on “There used to be a real living neighbourhood

  1. … then came the global elite with the plan to gain all wealth and power over the world and started the neoliberal destruction world-wide. Then they started to ridicule as “delusional conspiracy theorists” those who realised and pointed out the existence of such coordinated plan.

    So the next question is how to make the majority understand that this global group are rapidly steering the world towards a real Hunger Games scenario, and how to neutralise this dangerous group before they finish the implementation of their one global fascist state as the “solution” to their planted EU-wide chaos their policies created.

    • Karen, this looked and felt like the way we grew up in the 80ies. Out on the street from an early age, without the fear of cars (only two cars parked in my block and very few going by through the day), smaller houses with gardens were easy to find, accessible places to play and of course the rate of crimes towards children was near zero, so parents let us go out and play unattended. Nowadays there very few neighborhoods in Athens that you see that and even at smaller cities and villages, there is extra caution. Wonder how does it affect the psychology of the children, staying in the apartments hearing “no” all the time.

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