Greece’s “new” Public TV, is so good, that even the dog can watch

It was announced that it would be re-named NERIT. Then it was called EDT. And now it is DT. And all these in less than 2 weeks! They broadcast from a private studio(!!!), ignoring the decision of the supreme court that ERT should re-open as it was. ERT is still broadcasting through the internet. And the politicians of the government are appearing on the private channels, claiming that everything is ERT’s employees fault.
This is the dog named Yuri, when ERT was still broadcasting on the TV.

8 thoughts on “Greece’s “new” Public TV, is so good, that even the dog can watch

    • We have a saying in Greece, that goes like this:” You can have the pie whole, and the dog fed”. So although it is important to keep the customers satisfied, some will never be. 😉 After all it is a dogs life. 🙂

    • I have learnt not to judge by comparisson, even though I sometimes give in to temptation and use it. Too many details I don’t know and even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to put the right weight. Greece used to have 3 TV public channels, and some 5 radio stations. I do not thing that they were that many. The people working were 2600. Not that many either. And yes, the politicians all over the world are crazy and do not represent the majority of the people.

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