Athens in Eleni

Athens in Eleni

vassilis gonis 074

Is it a portrait or a cityscape?


8 thoughts on “Athens in Eleni

    • Thank you! Started out as an experiment with two films put together (colour slides originally) and I kept the ones that worked somehow. Hopefully will find time to scan some more!

      • So it is even analogue photography?
        That makes me admire the pictures even more – I wouldn’t even know how to develop a simple picture. (When I was still photographing analogue I had to give the films away for development.)

        • The magic of the dark room can not be replicated, but once you learn some technics you can have pretty decent photos. But it was (and still is) rather expensive, time consuming and a bit unhealthy, let alone harmful for the planet, so the transition to digital was not very difficult. Still, I keep my darkroom, and develope my B&W films, . The colour films (C41 and E6) I still give out to develope.

          • When I was still doing analogue pictures I sometimes had color films developed in b&w – which made a nice sepia effect.
            And I think there are still ways to experiment – that would have better results than digital photography.

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