A lovely ghost


_MG_0596 _MG_0597 _MG_0598 _MG_0599

Revisiting the crime scene

4 thoughts on “A lovely ghost

    • Thank you David! Have never occured to chech how to do multi exposure with my Nikormats, but have done so with with my Canon 620. These photos are in fact almost the same thing, one long exposure with the model staying still for a couple of seconds at each designated point and me drawing and enhancing with a torch light (the circles of light). There is also a series with multi flashes, but it is more focused and sharp and less mysterious!

  1. I tried this years ago with one of my old cameras (OM4 maybe). Just engaging the rewind lever so that the wind-on lever never engaged the film and allowed me to take another shot on the same frame. I never used a flash and it turned out okay, but not nearly as good as yours!

    • Thanks for the info David. I have done the same with my old Zenit, but since they are not very reliable , I have stopped doing it after a couple of failures, I guess it will work better with my Nikons.

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