Holding a candle

Holding a candle

For the public hospitals and schools  that are closing in Greece due to not being “profitable” while all taxpayers were paying for them for their whole lives. The government is about to close 5 hospitals and 200 schools in the next few days and one of  the hospitals is a children’s one. They plan to rent the buildings for private hospitals or/and other uses. Let’s hope their plans fail and the resistance and outcry by the people halt such plans for ever.  They did it for ERT.

11 thoughts on “Holding a candle

    • Thank you for your kind words. They can see the simple and solid logic behind your words. You see our politicians have a neo-liberal way of thinking about society and it is all about profit. It has little to do about the crisis. The measure is not the human life, but the profit you can make out of one man. Their plan to close them down is simple. Do it during the summer that people are away and the heat prevents many from protesting and don’t do it openly, but rather cut down the salaries, do not hire again teachers to cover for the empty spaces, do not renew the work contracts with the doctors and teachers and there, it is done!

    • It is getting worse by the day. Syria is another very serious version. Let’s hope the war ends there in the best interest of the people living there and not the “concerned allies”.

  1. I couldn’t agree more, since I’m a teacher and every summer when my contract expires, I don’t know if I work again and where my school will be. There are so many empty spaces, and they continue to close down schools. It’s sad and it’s getting worse every year, they closed ERT, they plan to close down hospitals too, what else?

    • Unfortunately the dict… sorry government, is still going strong and keeps it shut, even though the supreme court has decided and ordered its immediate reopening. Their actions are illegal and yet, the police still listens to them instead of locking them up. They make and break the laws. They are not the law, they are joggling with it. I just hope the next ones are better than them.

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