Lights are still out


ERT has been cut off only once before.

ERT has been cut off only once before. When the Nazis invaded Athens, in April 1941

4 thoughts on “Lights are still out

  1. Sorry to hear about this, Vassilis. Not sure bout Greece but in U.S. public tv and radio such as PBS and NPR are heavily influenced by corporations and think tanks through “generous” donations. The best stations are the local outlets which are relegated to the margins on the airwaves. I wish more people in America were aware of what has been going on in Greece. Thanks for putting your art out for all of us to share in. The world needs more creativity and beauty, now more than ever.

    • Sadly here the state will not allow small stations. Only the big ones, that transmit without permission and owing great sums of money from taxes and social security. The local stations around Greece have the known problems of any small station in a small city of a small country.

    • Thank you. I took them at an exhibition a couple of years ago, that ERT presented about the 70 years of its existance at Zappeion. How sad could this have been, if they knew… Anyway, let’s hope for the best.

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