Outside looking outside

Outside looking outside

but still looking for outside

4 thoughts on “Outside looking outside

    • Thank you Eldin. I went down to Deptford looking for the sites Dire straits lived and played music back in the late 70ies. Came up with nothing but photos of places, windows and streets. Same with Abbey road. I was under the strong impression that I would see something happening. I wasn’t expecting Lennon turning up but I imagined (pan intented) him telling me: What did you expect? It was just a photo for an album cover, at a typical London street. Nothing more, nothing less.”

        • Eldin, the way things go here, I am happy I can even exhibit it here. And I am happier someone cared to read it!
          By the way I saw the Jack Reacher film and I was amazed by Herzog’s performance! And the movie wasn’t as bad as I thought!

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