Sneaking out after the rain

Sneaking out after the rain

Where do you think you’re going little WV?

6 thoughts on “Sneaking out after the rain

  1. I had a 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit when I was younger. Sunshine yellow with pinstripes and hand cranked sunroof. Man, I miss that car. Great shot as always, thanks for the memories. 🙂

    • Don’t you just hate the new cars? They all look the same, only the sign and small details are different. They lack character. I don’t like cars, like objects of desire. I have never wished for a car, but I like them in the photos! Thank you Jeff!

      • Not sure about Greece, but in America the cars keep getting bigger and bigger. If you drive a small car you can’t see around the SUV’s and you’re more likely to get hurt in an accident. Got to keep the oil cartels in business, I guess.

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