What a marvelous building!

What a marvelous building!

and a photo exhibition in front of it.

10 thoughts on “What a marvelous building!

    • The walk from London bridge to Tower bridge is beautiful and full of surprises. I like the building as well, but the exhibition in front of it made a striking antithesis.Thank you!

    • Thank you Eldin. All credit to the photographer who exhibited there. I must have the name of the photographer in my travel diary somewhere. If I ever find it I will let you know.

    • David, I guess they have come up with a plan to clean them for free or even make some money out of it, like :” Have you tried the extreme sport of cleaning high building windows? Come to London and start today. Nice view of St.Paul, Tower bridge and the City.” Or something of the sort.
      I much prefer the classical built houses, but I was really fascinated with this building. I was walking all day from Euston station, trying to see as many Thames bridges as I could and the night caught on, just I was passing the London bridge. I wanted to reach Tower bridge at the fine light hour, but It started raining and I found a shelter at semi under way passage. When the rain stopped I got out in front of this.

    • It used to be practical first, nice second. Then there was a balance of beauty and utility, but with the new construction material and the post modern idea that what matters most is being original, the game was lost. Unfortunately, many things can be original without being either nice or practical. It is hit and miss in most cases. I can only judge such buildings by the tourist impression. Thank you.

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