I have seen the light

I have seen the light

through the broken windows of an old abandoned factory.

31 thoughts on “I have seen the light

  1. I really dig this photo, in my mind the man is contemplating whether to restore the building or tear it down and start over. I think we’re reaching the point in modern capitalism where there is no hope for repairing the system, it needs to be collapsed completely and built anew. The question is how to do this without more innocent bystanders getting caught in the rubble.

    Here’s a post on Greece and the IMF you might like: http://systemicdisorder.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/greece-depression-imf/

    Excellent photography as always!

    • Unfortunately everything man made, like the capitalist (or any other) system, has flaws. One of the greater flaws is that some people take advantage of the system for their own profit and while they are at it they put little traps so that it is very difficult to fix the flaws without creating more damage to society. So unless they allow it, the resolution can only be painful to the innocent, as well. The lack of great leaders is another problem. I am pretty sure that many of the leaders today are smart enough to understand the existance of the traps, but fixing the problem is another thing all together.
      Thank you for the link. A very thorough description of what is happening in Greece and most importantly why.
      Hope more people read this. Awareness is the first giant step, really.

  2. Hello again Vassilis, was hoping to chat with you today. It is very late there now . . I was hoping to reblog your post. Please let me know if that would be alright. Thank you

  3. Lovely photo today ~ reading about people far away and hearing these stories, good or bad. This is a great way to become part of the equation. I am so happy to have this connection. One day …. it is my dream to travel that way. Now feeling closer than before and I thank you for that Vassilis. Wishing you and your loved ones happiness always.

    • less than 48 hours to Christmas! Hope you are doing great!Busy schedule these last days, fixing the house, visiting people that we won’t be able to see on Christmas day and today going to my older daughter’s school celebration! Tomorrow is Carol day and maybe a chance to wrap some presents! The weather is fine and although I like snow (it is rare in Athens, sometimes 1 in 3 years!) I wish it doesn’t snow. So many homeless, so many without means for heating…

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