An elephant

An elephant

outside the room

7 thoughts on “An elephant

    • Thank you Justin! London is a uniquely peculiar place! No matter if I have grown up with movies and images from UK. I went there to photograph them and visit the places I have read about, but always found many surprises awaiting for me just around the corner!

    • During the 2004 Olympics, I found some real cheap tickets to London and an empty friend’s apartment. I was up there for 15 days, walking from daybreak until afterdark, taking photos. Too bad I didn’t have a digital camera, it would have been a real killing, but I got home with 5000 photos. Still trying to sort them out. One of the first I liked was this one, walking by the riverThames and they had this installation. I liked the shadow and the face inside the coffee house. I waited for some people to cast their shadow, tilted it to make it more surreal and snapped!

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