Another day in the life



of Foz , Photography team

4 thoughts on “Another day in the life

  1. The shots of Greece help me to vicariously experience a country I have never been to. Its interesting how parts of it look so ancient and other parts so modern. I wonder if it feels like that if you live there, like the past and present are both present. Great shots!

    • Thank you Jeff. I guess it is in the person, rather than the actual place. To me growing up here it is a disappointment, since the change in the last 30 years seems so big and unfortunately not for the best. The city of Athens and many other cities and towns have expanded in a rush, without any poleodomic or architectural plans, in order to accomodate an extra 2 million people. Suddenly the cities have included what used to be the outskirts with some big factories, the factories had to leave one way or another but few could afford to buy the properties and even the ones that there were plans to replace the lost environment and give it back to the people as parks and playgrounds (like the old airport) are about to be sold for other commercial uses, in order to raise money to pay the country’s loans back. (Of course this way we are selling the assets to pay a fraction of the interest, so when we run out of assets…)
      But in some places both in and outside the city walls, that the past shouts out loud, the past becomes present.

      • You might be interested in reading Chris Hedge’s “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt” if you haven’t already. He talks about how capitalists have turned areas of the U.S. into “sacrifice zones” by extracting resources and labor then abandoning the communities they took from. There are probably some parallels to what is happening in your country. Just different shades of gray.

  2. Thank you for recommending it to me. I haven’t heard of it. I will try to find it, maybe through Abebooks. You have spotted the most recent problem of Greece. Given its small size and population, I am sure that they do try to apply the same, testing at the same time if this plan can work on whole nations. By the way, they try to speed up the so called “economical free” zones, at places where unemployment has become a chronic problem. The problem is that I don’t see how these zones of extreme competition will help the workers and their families!

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