Athens view from Acropolis

Athens view from Acropolis

The world is your oyster but you should get out more

3 thoughts on “Athens view from Acropolis

  1. I like all of your photography but this is one of my favorites so far. I had a similar view when I lived in Boulder, Colorado. It was a short hike into the foothills and you could see the whole city. Spent hours at that spot. Your art gives me hope…

    • Thank you Jeff for your kind words. I can deeply understand why you like the overview of a city. Acropolis is one of the many hills that rise above the city. Athens is a city that grew to its current 5-6 millions from a mere 4000 in 1833! ( If you follow the history, wars and turmoils you can almost understand why the city grew this big and why it grew this way. If you ever visit Greece, let me know, so we can go up there and watch the city grow.

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