Logic Lane

Logic Lane

Leave your logic at the door

8 thoughts on “Logic Lane

  1. Wonderful documentary image Vassilis! These type of urban situation is right up my “alley” hehe couldnt help it. My thesis is all about raw space and experience. Such appropriation i think adds to city life, I am very much against the homogeneity of cities. Something that is happening here in Perth. Hopefully it amounts to something in the end! lol

    • Thank you Justin! Sorry to say this, but I much prefer the homogeneity of the rows of identical houses in many London roads, than the diversity of ugly buildings in Athens. I guess that the law that allowed civil engineers to design or just sign, instead of architects for these buildings, was the beginning of the end for the once beautiful Athens. I would love to read your thesis!

      • I see. Perhaps the ugliness of the built environment butchered by the engineers there are more apparent than the cleanliness of our City here! I shall definitely send you a copy once finished 🙂 Still have a number of things to clear up for my review tomorrow. Hopefully it all goes well haha.

          • Everything was ok thanks for asking 🙂 Just need to clarify my stance as there is a theme running in my interest which I havent clearly identified. I think I have started to figure it out and it is about the idea of the uncanny. A strangely familiar area, which is very hard to define as it has multiple meanings. It has become interesting and more challenging! I was told to be a regular viewer but also “batman” at night lol.

  2. Brilliant. The bit of vegetation creeping into the frame is wonderful.
    Maybe it’s because I live in a wintery climate at the moment but those markings on the building look a lot like icicles, which if they actually were, would be a bit threatening.

    • Thank you Karen! So strangely nice of you to notice the ivy and the icicle shaped watermarks! The wintery climate surely must have a great impact, because I only registered them as rain watermarks indicating the passing of time on an old building. As a matter of fact they were there but only as symbols of the old, until you mentioned them! Thank you for that as well.

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