Rainy day, dream away

Rainy day, dream away

Failing to fly a kite, the rain came just in time as a wonderful excuse.

6 thoughts on “Rainy day, dream away

    • Thank you for your comment. I quite like your reading of the photo. I saw his getting off the crowded pavement and trying to cross the street as a similar metaphore. But of course after taking the photo.

    • Thank you Lia!
      This is the only big (and most desired) trip in my life. (I still wait to go for my honeymoon!)
      15 days in the UK, London and Oxford, all by myself walking, taking photos, visiting places where my favourite musicians lived and sang about and of course, also went record and book hunting! Came back with 60-70 rolls of film (didn’t shoot and brought back 3, just in case something fascinating was to happen in the airport and on the way home-no nothing happened), at least 100 vinyl records and sent myself 20kg of books. I would like to go again, the digital age is now allowing for more photos without expences and extra weight. And the fear of x-raying the films during the control.

      • There are only a few things I like in this life; one of them is travelling because it opens up new horizons. I’m glad you had even a single chance to do one big trip; I can see you were able to really live it and absorbed much more during that one single trip than some more frequent travellers will ever do! I hope you can repeat it some time soon; digital age comes very handy when you want to travel light (music and books included).

  1. In deed! I always hope! But I have come to believe that experience is hidden everywhere and we just sink into daily monotony and we don’t notice it. Thank you! 😉

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